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Branding, Design, Merch production, Warehousing and fulfullment.
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Everything you put out there, whether that’s your newest single cover, a poster for an upcoming show or the appreciation post towards your followers when your tracks reaches a milestone on Spotify. All these things need to feel personal, they need to feel like you. An overall branding that includes fonts, animations, colors and even custom made icons, should be represented within all your creative outputs.

This way your brand will be loaded with this higher value. The outside world will see all the effort that has been put into your work. And on top of that, everything will become more recognizable. Once you’ve “claimed” a certain look and feel, it is unconditionally connected with you wherever you go.
Place Here thinks the best way to accomplish this overall feel, is to have one strong team behind everything. We offer a full 360-degree service that does exactly that.

How does it work?
Once our in-house design team has built a personalized brand guide, we will design all your output, help brainstorming for new concepts, always connect the right photographers with you, make sure you always have enough content to post and even help you find a stylist that will match your outfits with your brand. On top of that, we will help planning and creating the bigger projects such as merch collections, tourshows or album releases. By working like this, we achieve 2 main results. There is one clear vision behind everything we do, and you save yourself all the creative headspace for what’s most important; the music.
We know that some artists really excel at multiple creative disciplines and love doing both. That’s why we tailor our service to your needs. It’s all up to you. You choose how we can help you building your brand.
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